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Chiefdoodle is a Marketing, Multimedia and Graphic Design company whose clientele include musicians, visual artists, music festivals, websites and other startups. In addition, Chiefdoodle is a brand in and of itself, producing the Chiefdoodle clothing line, operating the Chiefdoodle Media Group which provides event photography, videography and promotional services and will soon be publishing its own Comic Series.

As a major part of its mission, the Chiefdoodle Network is highly committed to enriching its community through outreach and activism. Having already devoted time and resources to renovating hospital and community centers for under privileged youths in South America, Chiefdoodle plans to increase its commitment to community outreach as the Chiefdoodle Network grows.

Chiefdoodle's mission statement is simple: Elevate, Create, Innovate. It's a movement of individuals with the courage to improve what they see of the human condition, a collaboration of innovators unafraid to make their marks on their communities through real-world activism. Chiefdoodle is ever-evolving, ever-improving and ever-expanding. Join the movement and make an impact the Chiefdoodle way!

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